Farm to Pharma, Harisharan Devgan Has It All

The founder of the Niche Group of companies, Mr. Harisharan Devgan has relished an empire of both morals and laurels. A farmer by heart, Mr. Devgan has sprung a jolt of revolution in Indian farming and is known for taking calculated steps to bring progressive changes in Society, Ecology, and Economy.

Mr. Harisharan Devgan embodies the spirit of a true agripreneur. His never giving up, and always-hopeful attitude has achieved remarkable success in developing and innovating new techniques in organic farming and water management.

A farmer by heart and entrepreneur by soul, Mr. Devgan followed his passion for movies and love for animals and has explored his domain in Organic Farming, Film Production, and Horse Racing. With an idea of sustainable development, Mr. Devgan made his opinions count and earned laurels.

He has won numerous awards in farming and horse racing fraternity. He has also been rewarded with the “Organic Farmer of the Year” award, a highly recognized & prestigious award by Delhiites acknowledging his hard work and inspiring journey.

The Journey

The inspiring journey of Mr. Devgan started in the colorful city, of Mumbai. He has been born and brought up in a simple and religious Sikh family. Farming and cultivation have always intrigued him. He has dedicated his heart and soul to promote organic farming in India by incorporating old-school methods with modern techniques.

His dedication and constant belief have stemmed fruitful results, and in the past twenty two years, Mr. Harisharan Devgan has managed to support the lives of thousands of farmers in India. His diligence to uplift others has extended a gateway for Socioeconomic welfare and helps sustain thousands of lives.

He has a noble contribution to the growth of the whole farming community as a whole. He has proved himself as a true believer and a futuristic leader through his far-sighted vision and commendable work.

He is a versatile agripreneur cum entrepreneur, with a heart of gold whose mission is to promote sustainability through developing high-yield organic crops at low input cost that will contribute towards food security. His vision is to nurture the society through sustainable farming along with discovering methods of preserving natural resources. His inclination toward nature is a triumph in itself, and with his chivalrous leadership insight, he is on his way to bringing a revolution in the field of Industrial hemp and hemp-based Pharmaceuticals.

Under the banner of Niche Group, Mr. Harisharan Devgan has endeavored in different domains like Film Production, Horse Racing, and pharmaceuticals, other than Organic Farming,

He also pursued his passion for horses and Equestrian sports and earned prominence in this area as well. At present, he owns a fleet of Horses across India and has won numerous prestigious Classic horse races pan India in a short span of time. He has won many awards and accolades during his lifetime. A perfect amalgamation of grit and determination, Harisharan Devgan believed in his dreams and has lived for them.

His passion for cultivation helped in exploring the medical potential and stepping forward with Phytopharma products. With time Mr. Devgan acknowledged the medical potential of the Indian holy plant “Cannabis” and explores all its possible benefits. It became his mission to provide cost-effective pharmaceutical products of Cannabis for critical medical patients at affordable rates for better treatment. Mr. Devgan is keen to explore new domains of his interest for the well-being of others (society) and provide a sustainable market for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Visionary leaders are the builders of a new possibility that never existed before, working with imagination, insight, and boldness. He operates with a positive intent seeing the bigger picture and thinking strategically. In the effort of diversification of Niche Group, he has stepped into his visionary project of cultivation of Medical Cannabis and bringing awareness about its usage for the betterment of society as a whole. This omniscient project is administered under the umbrella of Niche Agriculture & Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Harisharan Devgan, the visionary behind Niche Group, is committed to empowering farmers by combining traditional and contemporary farming methods. His innovative approach has transformed farming into a lucrative and rewarding enterprise, creating new avenues for growth and success within the agricultural community.

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