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Growing up in a family of landlords and conventional farmers, I couldn’t ignore the indiscriminate use of pesticides harming crops and our ecosystem. Witnessing this, I felt compelled to make a change. Despite the challenges, I adopted organic farming, driven by a desire for a sustainable and innovative approach. It’s a commitment to healthier crops, a balanced environment, and a future where agriculture and nature thrive together.

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At Niche Group, we envision a world that harmonizes with nature and prioritizes community, promoting awareness of sustainability and the ecosystem. Additionally, we foresee farming and renewable energy emerging as the forefront sectors for mankind, thriving and achieving success.

Our mission is solely dedicated to initiatives that champion natural means and resources. We don’t want to disturb balance of nature and excel in businesses which promotes usage of natural and renewable energies and prohibit all chemical and synthetic usage.

Our core values of sustainability, ethical farming, and the prudent use of natural resources drive our commitment to creating a world that offers accessible and affordable good health while cultivating a flourishing environment for all.


Our ideology manifests as prioritizing the environment and community well-being over financial profits. We remain loyal to our nation and firmly believe in the holistic growth of our country. Our future plans and policies are inclined towards fostering sustainable and clean energy to enhance Bharat’s global economic and political strength.




Community Engagement

Our commitment to society resonates through sustainable practices and initiatives that support the utilization of natural and renewable resources. We refrain from encouraging businesses that endorse the use of chemical or synthetic products in their endeavors. Our initiatives include the production of solar energy, biofuels, and affordable medicines derived from cannabis. These initiatives place a priority on our commitment to the welfare of both the community and our planet.

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Growing up in a farming family, I consistently noticed shortcomings within our agricultural sector, stemming from a lack of knowledge, resources, and technical expertise among fellow farmers. In 2000, when I embarked on organic farming, my commitment was to bridge these gaps and uplift the farming community. My innovative approach combines traditional and modern farming methods, inspiring farmers to transition from conventional to organic farming, enhancing their productivity and lifestyles. Offering financial and moral support, I provide them with essential tools and knowledge. Additionally, my extended support ensures that farmers’ children receive a basic education despite resource limitations. Moreover, Niche sponsors deserving students for higher education. I aim to set benchmarks in organic farming to ensure that farmers’ children carry on their farming legacy, rather than seeking alternative careers.

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Sustainability transcends being a mere term; it constitutes a comprehensive approach underlying environmental stewardship, social responsibility, & economic viability. My commitment to sustainability revolves around addressing and mitigating the environmental impact of farming, specifically targeting the reduction of carbon footprints on our mother Earth. For this, embracing and promoting natural pursuits is my leading solution toward sustainability. Organic farming resists the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, optimizes the use of natural resources, generates adequate profits for the farmer, & produces healthier crops while maintaining sustainability. In my innovations in organic farming, I have intricately merged traditional wisdom and farming methods with modern techniques, with a distinct emphasis on mitigating environmental harm to the nature while optimizing yields within the constraints of limited resources.

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Embracing a visionary approach to clean energy is not just an imperative for our generation; it is our ethical responsibility to safeguard the planet for future inhabitants. With our aim to reduce carbon footprints, we are stepping into the production of solar energy by installing a 500 MW solar park in Karnataka in the first phase. Cannabis, being the largest source of biomass on Earth with a rapid growth span of 3-4 months, presents a promising resource for biofuel production, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and maintaining ecological balance. As we are currently involved in cannabis cultivation, our anticipated plan is to utilize its biomass for ethanol production. We are inclined to inspire future generations to understand the value of preserving our natural resources.

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Operating under the umbrella of Niche Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals Limited, our prime focus is to explore the various uses of the Indian Holy Plant “Cannabis”. Our R&D department is currently developing new varieties of cultivars to obtain crops with desired cannabinoids and other compounds compliant with Government norms. At present, we are in the midst of conducting research and clinical trials on Cannabis-based medicines for chronic diseases, with completion anticipated in the near future. This progressive step aims to contribute to community well-being by offering affordable medications to treat debilitating chronic diseases such as Cancer, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic pain, and more. Furthermore, we are exploring the potential of cannabis in various sectors and currently entering the food, skincare, and textiles industries.

The "Organic Talks" Podcast

Welcome to “Organic Talks,” the podcast where we dive into the world of cannabis research and development with the eminent expert, Harisharan Devgan. In each episode, we’ll explore the profound intersection of nature, sustainability, and the transformative potential of cannabis. Join us as Harisharan Devgan shares his insights, experiences, and expertise in the realm of organic living and the cannabis revolution.

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