Harisharan Devgan In The Realm Of Cannabis

Go through the odyssey of Harisharan Devgan into Hemp Cultivation, R &D of Cannabis and

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Cannabis Cultivation

Harisharan Devgan an enthusiastic agripreneur entered with diligence for innovation in the world of farming. He embarked on his journey into the uncharted medical horizons of Cannabis several years ago and started to work for the cultivation license for cannabis. His endeavors began with meticulous planning, including the creation of a blueprint for cultivating industrial hemp, all accompanied by the requisite legal approvals. From there, his path led to a tireless exploration of the multifaceted facets of Medical Cannabis through rigorous research and development efforts. His mission is to nurture the world with the untapped benefits of Hemp or Cannabis, promising a brighter future for both humanity and the environment.

Cannabis in Pharmaceuticals

In the realm of botanical marvels, Cannabis Sativa, often referred to as hemp, has carved a profound niche within the chronicle of pharmaceutical history. This extraordinary plant has woven itself into the tapestry of human civilization, offering a bounty of medical potential while remaining a staunch advocate for environmental sustainability. Our ongoing visionary project thriving under Niche Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals Limited (NAPL) quest to find reliable solutions for chronic diseases. Cannabis has emerged as a multifaceted solution promising to
nurture people with its health wonders and the environment with sustainability. Harisharan Devgan with this visionary project of cannabis cultivation in India, is determined to explore every nook and cranny of this wonder plant. He envisions a world where no corner of its potential remains untouched, offering a brighter, healthier future for us all.

Cannabis Research & Development

Cannabis boasts a wide spectrum of possibilities that have, for far too long, remained unsung. Despite its remarkable attributes, the full extent of its capabilities remains largely uncharted. A comprehensive research and development is yet required to unveil its full potential. Our Research and development project aims to find integrating solutions for various chronic diseases including Cancer, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Multiple sclerosis, etc. The clinical trials under the banner of NAPL are at various stages questing to explore the multifaceted realm of Cannabis. Our experts are embracing the latest advancements in cannabis research to not only expand the horizon of medical cannabis but also enhance its cultivation practices. We have achieved promising results through previous research so far. Further studies will reveal the
absolute solutions and help the world in shaping the future of the Cannabis industry